Buisness forward Data Science

Buisness forward Data Science

May 12, 2021

Data Science & Game Theory

Adding a little game theory allows our partners to weaponize their data. We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world on adding game theory concepts to their marketing strategies. We know it works because we can prove it.

Where we play

We love marketing. The amount experimentation and data exploration that we do seems endless, but being able to tie it to revenue, helps us prove our value.

We've played all over. Most recently, we've been working to help a partner find new potential acquisition targets and another to explore potential new revenue streams. We're even taking our approach to the content creator space with our new brand, Loyal Minionz.

Story Telling

Data science is a powerful tool, but wrangling data into an executable story is not an easy task.

It's easy to go down rabbit holes. There's always deeper to dig and more to perfect. Knowing where to spend time and effort is an art that our team is really good at. We have two main questions that really help up steer each project:

  1. How can we tell a story to the business?
  2. How do we avoid diminishing returns?

This means that every project that our team works on is efficient and effective.

Read more about our approach to data science here.

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